K-RICE Food Leads the New Era, the Seoul Food

Last updated: 29 พ.ค. 2567  |  118 จำนวนผู้เข้าชม  | 


 Held in conjunction with the Seoul Food, one of Asia's four largest food fairs, Rice Show is South Korea's only and largest comprehensive exhibition for the rice processed food industry, where you can discover the latest emerging technologies and outstanding products in the industry.

Through the Rice Show Online Exhibition, you can learn about the latest trends in the rice processed food industry and popular products that have received the attention of consumers around the world and are leading the global food culture. You are also able to inquire about each product directly to the buyer one on one.

By holding the event in conjunction with Seoul Food, Asia's 4th largest food exhibition, rice processing and manufacturing companies have expanded their sales networks in South Korea and abroad, including large retailers, online marketplaces, restaurants, convenience stores, and TV home shopping.

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