Look Beyond Their Disabilities, Focus on Their Abilities

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 In an initiative to spur the employment of persons with disabilities (PwDs) in Singapore, SPD has launched a compelling video campaign.

Employment is not only a means to financial independence for PwDs, but it also empowers them with the dignity they derive from their economic contributions.

With fast changing business environments, there is a risk that PwDs may be left behind. Hence, the need to address misconceptions and create meaningful employment opportunities for PwDs has never been more pressing.

About SPD Contact Centre

Set up in 2022, the SPD Contact Centre provides training and employment opportunities for PwDs in the contact centre industry.

Clients can outsource administrative work, including call management, e-mail management, live chat support, telesurvey and telemarketing, data entry, and more. Over 800 such inquiries are tended to annually.

The centre is managed by industry veterans who are passionate about imparting knowledge and mentoring PwDs under their charge.

Each staff with disabilities receives up to 60 hours of training before taking on the job, with ongoing refresher courses to continuously enhance and update their skills.

By extending opportunities to this untapped reservoir of talent, SPD Contact Centre strives to dispel preconceived notions surrounding employees with physical or cognitive limitations.

Breaking Away from the Norm

In a twist on the status quo, the campaign video turned the usual societal dynamic on its head by conferring authority to the employee. “So do you ever regret hiring me?” Athirah, an employee at the SPD Contact Centre, playfully asks.

The light-hearted conversation surrounding a controversial topic displayed the customer service associate’s skilled eloquence, while VITAL (Ministry of Finance) Chief Executive Dennis Lui, offered truthful insights from the perspective of an employer.

“I think many employers focus on what the PwDs cannot do, rather than what they can do. But in reality, all of us are unique individuals with great talents and we can bring a lot to the table,” Mr Lui explained.

Excellence Personified

Athirah is an example of one such talent discovered at SPD Contact Centre. Born with low vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, she plays a pivotal role in supporting e-mail queries from stakeholders across over 100 ministries, as part of the VITAL pilot project.

To complete daily to-do lists, Athirah leverages alternative methods and assistive technology to perform tasks with precision and efficiency.

“I feel happy because this [campaign video] gives the opportunity to educate people, to show that persons with disabilities can also work in the customer service industry, and at the same time shows how we can overcome our challenges when we are doing our day-to-day jobs,” Athirah expressed.

“This year we were awarded the Enabling Mark platinum label, which is a really, really important recognition for VITAL. And that is something we want to continue into the new year and continue to amplify this message of inclusive hiring and hopefully encourage other organisations as well,” added Ms Jacyn Kang, Senior Manager, Corporate Planning (Corporate Communications) at VITAL.

For more information about the campaign, members of the public can visit the website: https://www.spd.org.sg/spd-contact-centre/.

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6te-XriYLw.

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