DataLabs, Inc. Wins Infrastructure DX Award

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Modely datalab

 DataLabs, Inc. is a startup that specializes in providing cloud-based systems for construction operations

DataLabs, Inc.’s 3D rebar inspection tool, “Modely,” has been honored with the Startup Encouragement Award at the 2023 Infrastructure DX Awards, organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

DataLabs, Inc. is a startup that specializes in providing cloud-based systems for construction operations, using automatic 3D modeling (BIM/CIM) technology from point cloud data. Its primary offering is the “Modely” 3D rebar inspection tool.

The Startup Encouragement Award recognized the potential for improved productivity in inspection tasks and infrastructure maintenance through the use of automatically generated 3D models.

DataLabs, Inc. is committed to advancing the implementation of 3D models for infrastructure maintenance and further promoting BIM/CIM both domestically and internationally.

About Modely

A 3D rebar inspection tool that utilizes point cloud data. By simply uploading scanned rebar point cloud data from devices like LiDAR-equipped iPads to Modely and clicking to specify the inspection area on the screen, the tool detects and automatically models the rebars within the specified range.

The generated model can be used to automatically measure inspection items such as rebar count and spacing, as well as generate reports. Modely can also measure cover thickness and lap length.

Contractors and clients can effortlessly share point cloud data, 3D models, and reports via the cloud, with the option to add comments and photos to specified areas as needed.

Modely’s dedicated website:



Benefits of Modely Implementation : Modely can handle challenges such as double-layer configurations of main rebars, bottom-side rebars of floor slabs, and measuring circular hoop bars. It also offers efficiency enhancements, such as the following.

Traditional rebar inspections cost 1.6M yen in labor for measurements, photography, and reports. Modely reduces costs to as low as 1M yen.

Inspection time can be reduced to approximately one-fifth (from 150 minutes per inspection to 30 minutes per inspection).

Modely enables point cloud data acquisition and modeling on an iPad, without the need for expensive software or measurement devices. The user interface is simple, making it accessible to everyone.

Modely Achievements

Modely has been widely adopted by construction companies and infrastructure owners in Japan since its release in April 2023. The platform’s features are updated every two weeks based on user feedback and requests.


Key Updates Since Service Release

Client Invitation : Clients can be invited to view rebar inspection results (3D models and reports) created on Modely, allowing both contractors and clients to access the platform.

Comment and Image Upload to Specific Locations : Users can now upload comments and images to specific locations on the 3D model, facilitating more accurate and detailed information sharing.

Display of Individual Rebar Distances and Rebar/Cover Thickness : In addition to displaying the average distance between rebars, users can now view the distance of each individual rebar, making it easier to identify areas for correction. Measurement of cover thickness is also available.

Upload of Design Drawings (PDF) : Design drawings can be uploaded to Modely to visualize measurement areas.

About the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s “Infrastructure DX Award”

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has been organizing the “i-Construction Awards” since fiscal year 2017 with the aim of sharing best practices for improving productivity on construction sites.

Renamed the “Infrastructure DX Awards” in fiscal year 2020, the initiative has expanded its scope to include efforts beyond the construction industry, such as enhancing infrastructure utilization and services.

Additionally, to support startup initiatives in the infrastructure sector and promote their activities, a “Startup Encouragement Award” has been established to contribute to the revitalization of the construction industry.

Announcements from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism :

Announcing the Winners : 24 Organizations Recognized for Outstanding Initiatives in Infrastructure DX! — Revealing the Recipients of the Reiwa 5 Infrastructure DX Awards

Summary of Awarded Initiatives (Division for Initiatives by Members of the i-Construction and Infrastructure DX Promotion Consortium)


 About DataLabs, Inc.

DataLabs, Inc. offers cloud-based systems that optimize various construction operations through the utilization of automatic 3D modeling technology based on point cloud data. Established: July 2020 CEO: Daisuke Tajiri Location: 8-6 Nihonbashi-kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024, Japan

Contact For product inquiries : Miho Kawakita, Head of SaaS Sales


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